The Values axis shows behaviours reflecting a priority to self at one end and
priority to the community and wider society at the other. This axis allows the
exploration of fundamental shifts in societal values as to where the balance of
responsibility lies. This is particularly useful when considering obesity, which can
be viewed at the level of individual responsibility or at the level of societal
The Nature of Response axis shows future resource challenges – such as water,
climate change, an ageing population and obesity – and describes the nature of
society’s response to such challenges. This is represented at one extreme by
forethought and planning for long-term systemic change, best summarised by
‘anticipate and prepare’, and at the other by a reactive short-termist response
focusing on managing the impact of such challenges, best summarised by ‘react
and mitigate’.
This axis is an important one when considering a complex issue such as obesity,
where response to change is likely to be slow.

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