Since 2006, researchers at UKERC have been working together on an ambitious
project assessing how the UK can move to a resilient (‘secure’) and low-carbon
energy system over the period to 2050. This report synthesises the project
findings. A more extended account of the project will be published in book form in
early 2010.
The Energy 2050 project brought together a wide range of researchers coming
from several disciplines to address a common problem, exploring all dimensions of
the possible development of the UK energy system through to 2050. A common
set of scenarios was used, making it possible to relate the different elements of
the project to each other. While the project relied heavily on scenarios and
modelling, it also placed great emphasis on the underlying policy and research
questions and the conclusions and implications for action. This report focuses on
these aspects of the work, in order to make it more relevant to policy makers and
a wider readership. Technical detail is kept to a minimum but is available in the full
Research Reports that were produced by the various work streams of the project.
These are being made available on the UKERC website.

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