The companion to the research reported here, Global-Change Scenarios: Their Development and Use, explores
the broader strategic frame for developing and utilizing scenarios in support of climate decision making.
The scenarios in this report were developed using integrated assessment models (IAMs). These analysis capabilities integrate
computer models of socioeconomic and technological determinants of the emissions of GHGs with models of the natural science
of Earth system response, including the atmosphere, oceans, and terrestrial biosphere. Three IAMs were applied in the
scenario development:
• The Integrated Global Systems Model (IGSM) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Joint Program on the Science
and Policy of Global Change.
• The Model for Evaluating the Regional and Global Effects (MERGE) of GHG reduction policies developed jointly at Stanford
University and the Electric Power Research Institute.
• The MiniCAM Model of the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a partnership between the Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory and the University of Maryland.

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U.S. Climate Change Science Program

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