Over the next four decades, the global transportation
sector will face unprecedented challenges related
to demographics, urbanization, pressure to
minimize and dislocate emissions outside urban
centres, congestion of aging transport
infrastructure and growth in fuel demand...Regional inputs on transport policies, existing and
potential developments in both fuels and
technologies, in addition to major driving forces and
critical uncertainties were all examined and
combined into two distinct transport scenarios
“Freeway” and “Tollway.” The main difference
between these two scenarios is the degree and
style of government intervention in regulating future
transport markets.
 The “Freeway” scenario envisages a world
where pure market forces prevail to create a
climate for open global competition.
 The “Tollway” scenario describes a more
regulated world where governments decide to
intervene in markets to promote technology
solutions and infrastructure development that
put common interests at the forefront.

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World Energy Council

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