What if? Future Seas Scenario Planning and the Establishment of a Marine Reserve Network

WWF-New Zealand initiated the Future Seas scenario planning project to look beyond the current real or perceived costs and benefits of marine reserves and explore what this protection tool could offer New Zealand in the dynamic future ahead.

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Counter Currents - Scenarios for the Baltic Sea towards 2030

The scenarios presented here are based on two overarching strategic uncertainties, which
we have called “Governance” and “Ecological Footprint”. These are uncertainties that we
have deemed of the highest strategic importance in terms of their influence on the usage

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Scenarios for SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050: From Global Champions to Local Loops

"The SPREAD project’s journey to future scenarios
for more sustainable lifestyles began by
taking stock of existing knowledge on sustainable
lifestyles. Through this initial research we
identified the challenges and barriers to more

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