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The Open Futures Library is a publicly-contributed, indexed, searchable collection of future scenarios and other images of the future. Hundreds of futures projects worldwide each year generate depictions of the future in the form of scenarios, story sketches, artist’s impressions, videos and so on and publish them online, but finding and reusing these depictions is very difficult. Our goal is to provide a repository which indexes each depiction of the future by the kinds of criteria that makes it reusable.

Latest Scenarios

Transformational Energy Futures. Neo-Carbon Energy Societal Scenarios

The Neo-Carbon Energy world is a radical transformation towards renewable energy and responsible lifestyles. It is a preferred future, empowered by foresight approach and proactive futures creation, resulting in robust futures resilience.

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The Global Risks Report 2016

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016, developed in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group and other leading institutions, features scenarios to help companies and organizations examine the trends and driving forces behind future global developments.
The scenarios are based on three possible dystopian futures called: Walled Cities, Strong Regions, and War and Peace.

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UK National Grid: Future Energy Scenarios

The 2015 Future Energy Scenarios (FES) explore how the complex energy landscape is changing and analyse how the future might play out.
Great Britain’s energy landscape continues to change at an unprecedented rate. Diversity of supply has increased and globalisation has accelerated, from the international shipping of new sources of gas supplies to the cross border transfer of electricity in Europe.

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