Contribute to the Library

Everyone is welcome to contribute to Open Futures. This is a community of academics, futurists, researchers, planners and students. We’re aiming to create an open and inclusive platform where people can collate, discover and contribute their scenario work.

What kind of material is appropriate?

Any scenario, story, video or image which attempts to depict a possible future is an appropriate contribution to the Library. We imagine that the core of the library will be scenarios developed by foresight practitioners in public projects, but we are also interested in speculative art, videos and stories.

What about copyright?

You should not upload any information which you do not hold the rights to. By choosing to upload your own work to the Library we assume you are granting others the ability to reuse and repurpose your work. You should choose the appropriate license when you upload the work.

You can add a record to the Library which describes a copyright work, such as a book or a film, without uploading it and link to the work's web page or a canonical web page which describes it such as the Wikipedia entry, the IMDB page (for a film) or the WorldCat page (for a book).

Ready to get started?

To begin adding scenarios you'll need to create an account on the site.