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What ambitions for European defence in 2020

What Ambitions for European Defence in 2020? ran out of print within a month of publication, and many orders for copies were left outstanding. Instead of immediately ordering
a reprint, a slightly revised edition giving all contributors the chance to refresh their
conclusions in the light of the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum results was decided as a

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What the future holds: Insurance 2020

On January 1, 2000 the global economy was peaking, with booming stock and labor markets.
The Internet was changing everything from how consumers bought insurance to how aircraft
manufacturers bought supplies. Then, the dot com boom quickly went bust and terrorists
attacked the World Trade Center. After an extended slump, western economies recovered
from these shocks and reached new peaks in mid-2007, only to crash again in the most severe
economic downturn since the Great Depression. Unlike previous cycles, emerging economies

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Water - a global innovation outlook report

For a species that prides itself on scientific
discovery, we know startlingly little about
the resource that is most crucial to our
survival: water. 11
This lack of understanding applies not just
to the layperson who unquestioningly
consumes water. But also to the scientists,
academics, businesspeople and
policymakers who study water for a living.
“To make any progress, we experts must first admit our
own ignorance,” says John Cronin, Director and CEO of The
Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries. “We don’t know

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Charting our Water Future 2030: Economic frameworks to inform decision making

The world is increasingly turning its attention to the issue of water scarcity. Many countries
face water scarcity as a fundamental challenge to their economic and social development; by
2030 over a third of the world population will be living in river basins that will have to cope
with significant water stress, including many of the countries and regions that drive global
economic growth.
Across the globe, policy makers, civil society and the business sector are increasingly

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Transforming Pensions and Healthcare in a Rapidly Aging World

Based on the output of the Scenarios in 2030, this report highlights 11 options to better cater for the changing retirement and healthcare expectations, especially in the current time when resources are stretched. The report makes the case for an integrated response and looks at pensions and healthcare in tandem for future sustainability and suggests solutions from the opportunities rather than challenges and risks. 

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Energy to 2050 - Scenarios for a sustainable future

With this book, the IEA explores a longer time horizon using two types of
long-term scenarios: "exploratory scenarios" and "normative scenarios".
Exploratory scenarios are based on the correct identification of a few
critical uncertainty factors and are designed to explore several plausible
Energy to 2050: Scenarios for a Sustainable Future
Energy to 2050: Scenarios for a Sustainable Future
future configurations of the world, based on different expectations of

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Financial Centre Futures - In safe hands - The future of financial services

“We have chosen 40 years, i.e. to 2050, as our
timescale. This allows us to explore a number of
potential economic, social and technological
challenges and discontinuities. These
discontinuitiesmean that individualsmaymake
previously unthinkable choices about their life,
potentially creating newparadigms for the
economy and for society.”

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WEF - The future role of civil society

The Future Role of Civil Society project was launched in June
2012 with the desire to explore the rapidly evolving space in which
civil society actors operate. The project focuses on two central
−− What might the contextual environment for civil society look like
in 2030?
−− How might models of engagement for civil society, business,
government and international organizations evolve in these new
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), labour leaders, faithbased

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TFC - Women 2020 - How women’s actions and expectations are changing the future

"Women represent just under half the global
population and are the fastest growing group
of consumers worldwide. Yet analyses of their
role in society are often one-dimensional and
linear. Usually, the examination focuses on how
social and economic conditions exert changes
on women’s roles and identities.
This paper inverts that perspective by exploring
how women act as catalysts for fundamental
changes, which are shaping not just their own
world, but everybody’s world.
We show that understanding women is

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