The four scenarios are:
• A Haven in the Suburbs: An expectable future in which Howard County
maintains its high quality of life and provides an expanded offering
to older adults that evolves to meet the needs and preferences of the
Boomer generation.
• Aging in a Hard Place: A challenging future in which economic
recession and cuts in federal employment swell the ranks of
vulnerable older adults and reduce the funding available to meet
their needs.
• A Village on a Cloud : An aspirational future in which high-tech
entrepreneurship and a focus on strengthening community come
together to create a new infrastructure for 21st century living, with
new tools for older adults.
• Keepers of the Meaning: An aspirational future in which policy makers
detach physical and mental decline from the construct of
chronological age, prompting a reorganization of social structures all
across the life course.

Publish Date:
Howard County department of Citizen Services

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