Technologies can and must play an integral role in transforming the energy
system. The 2012 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP 2012) shows clearly
that a technological transformation of the energy system is still possible, despite current
trends. The integrated use of key existing technologies would make it possible to reduce
dependency on imported fossil fuels or on limited domestic resources, decarbonise
electricity, enhance energy effi ciency and reduce emissions in the industry, transport
and buildings sectors. This would dampen surging energy demand, reduce imports,
strengthen domestic economies, and over time dramatically reduce greenhouse-gas
(GHG) emissions. The ETP 2012 2°C Scenario (2DS) explores the technology options
needed to realise a sustainable future based on greater energy effi ciency and a more
balanced energy system, featuring renewable energy sources and lower emissions. Its
emissions trajectory is consistent with the IEA World Energy Outlook’s 450 scenario
through 2035. The 2DS identifi es the technology options and policy pathways that
ensure an 80% chance of limiting long-term global temperature increase to 2°C -
provided that non-energy related CO2 emissions, as well as other greenhouse gases, are
also reduced.

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International Energy Agency