WETO-H2 is structured around a business-as-usual case, and features two specific scenarios
that reflect the political will of Europe to be at the forefront of the struggle against climate
change and to promote new clean energy technologies:
The “reference case” describes the developments of the world energy system up to 2050, and
the related CO2 emissions assuming a continuation of existing economic and technological
trends. Without determined action, energy demand will double and electricity demand will
quadruple, resulting in an 80% increase in CO2 emissions.
The “carbon constraint case” explores the consequences of more ambitious carbon emissions
policies that aim at the long-term stabilisation of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Early
action is assumed in industrialised countries, while more time is allowed for the emerging and
developing countries.
The “hydrogen case” is derived from the “carbon constraint case” but also assumes a series of
technology breakthroughs that signif

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European Commission - Directorate-General for Research

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