What Ambitions for European Defence in 2020? ran out of print within a month of publication, and many orders for copies were left outstanding. Instead of immediately ordering
a reprint, a slightly revised edition giving all contributors the chance to refresh their
conclusions in the light of the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum results was decided as a
far better option. This was not particularly difficult. In looking ahead, the general assumption was that the main provisions of the Lisbon Treaty, in content if not necessarily in form, would be implemented over the next decade. What now emerges from the
revised chapters is an equally shared sense of urgency that they should be implemented
as speedily as possible. Effectiveness should start at home, and although there is a shared
sentiment that clarifications are needed for the new provisions to come into effect as the
Lisbon Treaty comes into force, there is an equally strong feeling that this should be done
We are confronting a fast-changing international system that must be adapted to ensure
effective governance in a multipolar world. To ‘multilateralise’ the emerging multipolarity is the European Union’s strategic ambition. To achieve this, the EU needs to unify its
international representation and to make its external action more coherent. It would be
a terrible mistake to forego the long-awaited opportunity to positively shape an effective multilateral order in strong partnership with the progressive Obama administration
which shares many of the EU’s values and aspirations. There is no time to waste, and
already from 2010, armed with a new treaty, we need a cohesive Union, true to its values
and principles, speaking with a powerful single voice in the international arena This is
imperative if the European Union is to overcome the political deficit that hampered the
effectiveness of what is to be known in the near future, as the Lisbon Treaty enters into
force, as the EU Common Security and Defence Policy – CSDP instead of ESDP. The full
ratification of the Lisbon Treaty will create favourable conditions for the full implementation of the ten-point ‘roadmap’ for European defence in 2020, that reflects the main
recommendations of this book

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EU Institute for Security Studies