The Global Scenarios to
2025 released in 2005
build on this foundation
to develop an enhanced,
robust methodology that
addresses a broader
range of strategic and
planning needs across
the whole spectrum of
relevant time horizons
and contexts.
Hence the transition that
has occurred from a threeyear
scenario cycle to
an annual one. This will
provide greater continuity
while also enabling
fl exible contributions to
Group processes for
identifying critical risks
and opportunities.
Continuity is based on
a map, the Trilemma
Triangle, which embodies
both an analysis of key
forces and a methodology
to monitor the implications
of these forces year
after year.
Flexibility is based on the
fact that this map is not
limited to the three Global
Scenarios themselves, but
encompasses a far broader
set of possible futures.
This will lead to customised
applications and to quicker
updates. It will also help
Shell make signifi cant
contributions to important
debates in the world
at large.
Cooperation with
centres of excellence and
contributions by eminent
experts in the course of
developing these scenarios
refl ect strong teamwork,
within and beyond
corporate boundaries.

Publish Date:
Shell International