Pharma Futures:
A Long-term Value Outlook. This
report identified three plausible
futures, each of which represented
significant change for the industry.
Scenario 1 – the Producers Scenario –
focused on an operating environment
in which emerging markets come to
the fore. Scenario 2 – The Patients
Scenario – highlighted patients as
consumers and individualised
medicine. Finally, Scenario 3 –
Politics and Public Health Scenario –
described how a global flu pandemic
led to greater government and
industry cooperation and negotiation.
Pharma Futures 2 moved from
hypothetical futures to explore current
real-world challenges. Published in
2007, Pharma Futures 2: Prescription
for Long-term Value concluded that
three trends will determine the
industry’s future value: (1) R&D
productivity; (2) agreement between
society and industry on what
constitutes value for money; and (3)
the emerging markets. The report
reviews these trends, their social
consequences and how industry and
investors might address them so as to
meet both shareholder and societal
needs. The dialogue focused on how
the industry communicates with
investors and how investors in turn
signal what they want to know.

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Pharma Futures

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