We identified a number of global forces that will
have significant influenceA2, and of those we felt
that individualism versus collectivism and corporate
integration versus fragmentation would be the most
significant. From this axis we identified three worlds
and business models for the future.
(See figure 1 opposite.)
We tried to capture the events and trends which
draw a picture of life in tomorrow’s world and the
people management challenges that might prevail.
The forecasting timelines and world descriptions
are not intended to be taken literally as complete
visions of alternative futures. They are designed to
present ideas and illustrate the more important
points around the people management challenges.
We believe it is likely that all three worlds will
co-exist in some form, perhaps distinct by
geographic region, or industry sector for example.
As you read this document think about how your
own organisation might be positioned within these
scenarios and what implications this has upon your
current people management strategy.

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