GLOBIO is a pioneering attempt to meet the needs of decision-makers and the public for
scientifically-based information about the consequences of their choices today for the future of
biodiversity, sustainable development, and local cultures.
Scenarios such as those used in the GLOBIO study are not predictions of the future. Instead, they
are tools that decision-makers can use to explore possible outcomes of choices they make today.
GLOBIO examines the potential consequences of different scenarios of infrastructure development
in the coming decades. Any scientist would be quick to note that infrastructure is only one of many
factors affecting ecosystems. But the elegance and strength of the GLOBIO approach lies precisely
in its focus on a simple and straightforward relationship between infrastructure and ecosystems.
Though the impacts of infrastructure development on ecosystems and local communities are
mediated through myriad causal routes, they are nevertheless profound and in the aggregate highly
predictable. GLOBIO gives us all a chance to explore where the road we are following will lead us. And in doing so, it gives us a chance to explore the options of taking a different road. Or not building a road at all.

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United Nations Environment Programme UNEP