The worlds and scenarios presented here are stories of possible futures, between twenty
and thirty years from 2009, based on the research carried out for the Beyond Current
Horizons programme. They describe possible social and technological changes that might
take place, and what these changes might mean for education. Each of the three worlds
describes a different possible future, with its own particular goals, challenges and
opportunities for educators. Within each world, two scenarios describe different ways in
which the education community might respond to these goals, and the sort of education
structures that might arise as a result.
These different possible futures offer the opportunity to consider assumptions about the
values, institutions and social structures that affect how education works, and to think
about the ways in which these assumptions might lead to outcomes that are desirable,
or undesirable. They are grounded in current social research, though at the same time
deliberately paint a picture of society with a broad brush, in order to make comparisons
between them easier and to bring them to life more readily. We hope that these
scenarios will act as a catalyst for discussion and provoke debate, and be useful tools for
groups thinking about their future plans, through considering what has been omitted
from them as much as exploring what has been included here.

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Department for Children, Schools and Families (UK)

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