Technology and Innovation Futures is a forward look at a range of developments which
have the potential over the next 20 years to support sustained economic growth in the UK.
Based on interviews and workshops with 180 representatives from industry, research,
international institutions and social enterprises, the report identifies 53 technologies which are
likely to be important to the UK in the 2020s, because of the UK’s comparative advantage
today, its future needs, or the size of the potential market. As the UK comes out of the
economic downturn, it seems likely that future economic prosperity will derive in large part from
seizing opportunities offered by technologies such as these.
The 53 individual technologies identified in this report can be readily grouped into 28 clusters,
as described in Chapter 4. From these, seven cross-cutting areas have been identified, which
are likely to be particularly important to the UK in the 2020s, regardless of how far individual
technologies mature in that timescale

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Government Office for Science

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