As California’s public research university, with roots deep in the land-grant mission of its founding, the University of
California of 2025 is dedicated to nurturing the talent of California’s people, pushing the boundaries of global
innovation and discovery, and creating solutions for the social, economic, and health challenges of California that are
at the heart of the University’s work.
Yet the University of California of 2006, despite its current strengths and contributions, is at a crossroads. Faced with
the shifting external challenges and demands confronting modern society, the University must not only respond, but
also anticipate and proactively prepare for the future. At stake is UC’s continuing excellence, its place on the cutting
edge of knowledge and creativity, and its relevance to the pressing needs facing California and its people.
The Long-Range Guidance Team has begun the process of understanding this fundamental and critical question:
How must the University of California change to better serve the needs of the people of California 20 years from
now? Over the course of nearly two years, a team of UC Regents, Chancellors, faculty and staff met with experts in
demographics and economics; with leaders from business and education; and with public officials. They explored
different scenarios for California’s long-term future, and in their light considered how the University of California of
2025 would have to adjust

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