In order to enhance strategic human resource management, and thereby improve European competitiveness in the global
economy, the European Commission has pointed to the importance of developing better methods and tools to anticipate trends
and changes changesin the European European labour market.. On this background, background, the Commission Commission carried carried out a number of comprehensive comprehensive sector
studies during 2008 and 2009 (studies available at main aim of the sector studies
was to map and analyse the evolution of innovation, skills and jobs within each of the selected sectors, taking into account the
sector's global, national and regional contexts, in order to anticipate possible changes in jobs and skills need until 2020. The
studies were carried out by the following contractors: TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, SEOR Erasmus
University Rotterdam,, ZSI Centre for Social Innovation ,, Oxford Research A/ , S, Alphametrics Ltd,, Ismeri Europa ,, Economix Research
and Consulting, Danish Technological Institute, DKRC Research and Consulting, IKEI Research and Consulting, Eurostrategies sprl,
and Alpha Group.

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DG Employment, European Commission
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