The scenario project aims to develop a tool to improve the understanding of vocational
education and training systems in their economic-technological, employment-labour and
training-knowledge environments. The development of different scenarios and the indication
of linked strategies serve as one of the bases for discussing relevant policies for VET. The
development of scenarios for vocational education and training is not intended to and cannot
reveal the future; it is in fact intended only to call attention to some of the factors of strategic
importance for the shaping of European VET during the next ten years. Factors that can be
used in a strategic conversation about possible futures of European VET systems.
In 1999, the first phase of the project was successfully implemented. The process and its
results are described in the report Scenarios and Strategies for Vocational Education and
Training in Europe, European Synthesis report on phase 1, authors B. Sellin, F. van
Wieringen, H. Dekker, M. Tessaring and A. Fetsi (2001, MGK.01-50).
The second phase started in April 2000 and is completed with a final conference in Tallinn in
October 2001 and the publication of this report (April 2002).

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