CRN Task Force Scenario Project
For the year 2007, the major project of the CRN Task Force was to begin producing a series of professional-quality scenarios of a near-future world in which exponential general-purpose molecular manufacturing becomes a reality. The purpose is to offer plausible, logical, understandable "stories" that illustrate the challenge of contending with the implications of advanced nanotechnology. What will that future look like? What can we learn from picturing it now that might help us avoid the worst pitfalls and generate the greatest benefits?
In pursuing this project, CRN pulled together more than 50 people from six continents, with a range of backgrounds and points of view, to collaborate on the CTF Scenario Development Project. Most of the participants were members of the CRN Task Force, but some were not (see the full list here). Over the course of several months, we conducted a unique series of "virtual workshops," using a combination of teleconferencing, Internet chat, and online shared documents, and developed eight very different scenarios. We look forward to your feedback as you read and think about these possible futures.

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