From the discussions and workshops held with over 150 public library staff from all levels and age ranges, four possible scenarios have been distilled which represent different directions for NSW public libraries. Readers will note that some aspects of the scenarios may already be emerging, many aspects are interdependent and interconnected and some appear more probable and plausible than others. All four scenarios identify new opportunities and unforseen risks associated with the future environment in which public libraries operate.
There is great value in analysing these scenarios and the elements of their potential development, so libraries can plan both at a philosophical and practical level.
The Bookends Scenarios will support NSW public libraries in planning for the future needs of clients, and help to identify opportunities and gaps in terms of competencies, resourcing levels and service models – at the same time assist in developing strategies to ensure the longer term sustainability of the public library network.

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State Library New South Wales, The Neville Freeman Agency

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