The Nutrition & Health 2020 project was conceived
to generate deep insight into future developments in
the nutrition & health area. Based on the ideas and
expertise of a wide range of stakeholders, it has resulted
in a set of future scenarios that:
• describe different ways in which the nutrition &
health trend may evolve and impact upon our society;
• provide new and deeper insight in the interaction
of driving forces, arguments and values that will
shape this future environment;
• create a space to think about new economic and
societal value creation opportunities.
Each scenario is a provocative, yet plausible and coherent
story about how European society adjusts its relationship
to food in line with the demands of a healthier lifestyle.
The three future scenarios visualise the uncertainty
pervading the nutrition & health arena in a very
pertinent way.

Publish Date:
WS cvba, Bio-Sense bvba

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