Perfect bliss or divine retribution? – Nirvana or Nemesis? What lies ahead for the world of European real estate over the next couple of decades? Various strands are being woven across the tapestry that portrays the future picture of property towards 2020. These include the:
• concept of sustainability;
• movement towards corporate social responsibility;
• search for an improved quality of life;
• further internationalisation of markets;
• inexorable march of the information revolution;
• growth of ethical investment;
• changing nature of work in society;
• relative competitiveness of European cities;
• importance of connectivity in property location;
• emerging popularity of mixed-use development;
• imperative of energy conservation;
• call for safety and security in building layout and design;
• incorporation of the “fun factor” in property products;
• greater flexibility and adaptability across the sector; and
• challenge of

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KingSturge; The Futures Academy at the Dublin Institute of Technology

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