This report is a summary of a workshop organised by ILRI and FAO and held over three days in
February at the ILRI campus in Nairobi. The workshop was designed to be a means of involving
specialists and getting them thinking about various aspects of the future of livestock sector
development and their implication in developing countries. It involved livestock scientists, colleagues
from the private sector and NGOs, and researchers who do scenario modelling including qualitative
narratives and quantitative analysis in sectors other than livestock. The objective was to involve
diverse experts with a wide range of views and methodological approaches to consider the future of
the livestock sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia. The aim of this was to
understand better the emerging development challenges in these sub-regions and to think about how to
build effective linkages between foresight, research, and policy practice.
The workshop was organised so as to include the minimum of presentation and the maximum of
discussion. A keynote presentation on “Global Scenarios and Implications for Constructing Future
Livestock Scenarios” was followed by short presentations by several participants outlining the major
trends that are affecting the livestock sector in different places, and the key uncertainties that make
planning for the future very difficult. After discussions about the important drivers of change at work,
most of the rest of the workshop was devoted to building story-lines with a livestock perspective,
based around the four scenarios originally developed for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

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