With this study WEC seeks to contribute further
to the debate on global energy sustainability and
to the understanding of prospective collective
roles in achieving WEC’s mission, “to promote
the sustainable supply and use of energy for the
greatest benefit of all.” The study aims to:
1 Energy for Tomorrow’s World, World Energy Council,
London, 1993.
2 Global Energy Perspectives, World Energy Council,
London, 1998.
3 Energy for Tomorrow’s World: Acting Now, World Energy
Council Statement 2000, London.
4 Drivers of the Energy Scene, Study Report, World Energy
Council, London, 2004.
• Better understand possible energy
• Assess the challenges presented in these
energy futures; and
• Identify the role that policy may play to
help or hinder the achievement of WEC’s
Millennium Goals of Accessibility,
Availability, and Acceptability.

Publish Date:
World Energy Council

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