The World in 2025: How the European Union will need to respond" represents a significant contribution to
the policy-making process of the centre-right in European politics. It is a remarkable piece of work, drawing on the
efforts of a large number of people across the European Ideas Network - the network think-tank sponsored by the
EPP-ED Group to bring together elected political office-holders and advisers, academics, outside experts and
representatives of civil society.
Over the past twelve months, the Network's members, think tanks and political foundations have worked in twelve
themed Working Groups and in seven Task Forces to analyse in depth the issues raised and to consider possible
policy responses. Meetings have been held across Europe - in Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin, Budapest, The Hague,
Bonn, and Madrid - as well as Washington DC, culminating in the annual Summer University, held this year in

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European Ideas Network

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