New Risks and Opportunities for Food Security: Scenario Analyses for 2015 and 2050

The International Food Policy Research
Institute’s (IFPRI’s) International Model for Policy
Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade
(IMPACT) provides insight into the management of
these risks through appropriate policy actions. By

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Globio - Global Methodology for mapping human impacts on the biosphere - the arctic 2050 scenario and global application

GLOBIO is a pioneering attempt to meet the needs of decision-makers and the public for
scientifically-based information about the consequences of their choices today for the future of
biodiversity, sustainable development, and local cultures.

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Great Transition - The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead

The global transition has begun—a planetary society will
take shape over the coming decades. But its outcome is in
question. Current trends set the direction of departure for the journey,
not its destination. Depending on how environmental and social

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