Learning from the Future: Alternative scenarios for North American mining

This report describes four scenarios on the future of mining, minerals and sustainable development in North America. They use a time horizon of approximately 15 years. They are labelled: (1) New Horizons; (2) Phoenix Rising; (3) Perfect Storm; and (4) Money Divides.

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North Korea after Kim Chong-il: Leadership Dynamics and Potential Crisis Scenarios

In August 2008, Kim Chong-il reportedly suffered a stroke. On October 4, after a 51-day
absence, he reappeared in the pages of the North Korean media, bringing to an end
speculation that he had died. While the international media spotlight began to fade, this

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Leading the parade: Transforming Urban Public Education in Ohio - four scenarios for 2020

The process began with the formulation of a key strategic question, known as the focal issue. This
question, How can urban public education in Ohio transform to become a high-demand, highperforming
system in 2020? guided all subsequent work on the project.

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