Euro, Dollar, Yuan Uncertainties - Scenarios on the Future of the International Monetary System

This report explores the critical uncertainties underlying the future international roles of the euro, the dollar and the yuan and how different responses to them by policy makers in each of these currency areas may create challenging scenarios for the international monetary system in 2030.

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The Future of the Tertiary Education Sector:Scenarios for a Learning Society

This paper presents scenarios for tertiary education twenty years or so from now. On the
basis of these stories about the broad tertiary sector, the paper closes with some
speculation on the possible role(s) of these institutions in the long-run future. The

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WEF - Sustainable health systems - Visions, strategies, critical uncertainties and scenarios

Three scenarios were developed: Health Incorporated, New Social Contract and Super-empowered Individuals. The scenarios provided a key insight – efficiency gains are necessary to move health systems towards greater sustainability, but are insufficient alone.

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The World Gas Market in 2030: Development Scenarios Using the World Gas Model

In this paper, we discuss potential developments of the world natural gas industry at the
horizon of 2030. We use the World Gas Model (WGM), a dynamic, strategic representation of
world natural gas production, trade, and consumption between 2005 and 2030. We specify a

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