The Global Risks Report 2016

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016, developed in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group and other leading institutions, features scenarios to help companies and organizations examine the trends and driving forces behind future global developments.

The scenarios are based on three possible dystopian futures called: Walled Cities, Strong Regions, and War and Peace.

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Infrastructure to 2030 (Volume 2): Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport

Infrastructure systems play a vital role in economic and social development. Increasingly interdependent, they are a means towards ensuring the delivery of goods and services that promote economic prosperity and growth and contribute to quality of life.

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The Future of the Tertiary Education Sector:Scenarios for a Learning Society

This paper presents scenarios for tertiary education twenty years or so from now. On the
basis of these stories about the broad tertiary sector, the paper closes with some
speculation on the possible role(s) of these institutions in the long-run future. The

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Euro, Dollar, Yuan Uncertainties - Scenarios on the Future of the International Monetary System

This report explores the critical uncertainties underlying the future international roles of the euro, the dollar and the yuan and how different responses to them by policy makers in each of these currency areas may create challenging scenarios for the international monetary system in 2030.

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Digital Ecosystems

Broadband adoption, technological advances and decreased operating costs have pushed the IT, Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment industries into a period of great flux. As they converge, they are forming a space we could call the Digital Ecosystem.

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