Forthcoming: The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets

Computer based trading has transformed how our financial markets operate. The volume of financial products traded through computer automated trading taking place at high speed and with little human involvement has increased dramatically in the past few years.

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Multipolarity: The New Global Economy - Global Development Horizons 2011

Sweeping changes are afoot
in the global economy. As the second
decade of the 21st century unfolds and
the world exits from the 2008–09 financial crisis,
the growing clout of emerging markets is paving
the way for a world economy with an increasingly

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Global climate policy scenarios for 2030 and beyond

The objective of this report is o provide detailled description of the scenarios, as well as the approach the hypothesis followed… Two main sceanrios were modelled a base line 'business as usual' trend and a greenhouse gas reduction scenarios the includes energy efficienct and dedicated

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