Will Climate Change Affect Food and Water Security in Russia?

Although societies adapt and evolve along
with their climate, this has been an especially difficult task for Russia because of
its severe and capricious climate. Indeed,
extremes are the norm, and this has always
taxed the ability of Russian agriculture to
produce enough food for its people. While
the soils can be rich, the rains can be
fickle, and large parts of the main agricultural areas have been affected by severe
drought at least once or twice a decade
during the 20th century. Given the severity

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WEF - Scenarios for the Russian Federation

The Scenarios for the Russian Federation were developed through a strategic dialogue process engaging over 350 business, policy and academic leaders throughout 2012. The scenarios report focuses on possible future pathways for the Russian economy and pays particular attention to three critical uncertainties: ongoing evolutions in the global energy landscape, the quality of Russia's domestic institutional environment and dynamics of social cohesion within the country.

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