WEF - The future role of civil society

The Future Role of Civil Society project was launched in June
2012 with the desire to explore the rapidly evolving space in which
civil society actors operate. The project focuses on two central
−− What might the contextual environment for civil society look like
in 2030?
−− How might models of engagement for civil society, business,
government and international organizations evolve in these new
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), labour leaders, faithbased

Subject and Keywords:

Deciding the Future: Energy Policy Scenarios to 2050

With this study WEC seeks to contribute further
to the debate on global energy sustainability and
to the understanding of prospective collective
roles in achieving WEC’s mission, “to promote
the sustainable supply and use of energy for the
greatest benefit of all.” The study aims to:
1 Energy for Tomorrow’s World, World Energy Council,
London, 1993.
2 Global Energy Perspectives, World Energy Council,
London, 1998.
3 Energy for Tomorrow’s World: Acting Now, World Energy
Council Statement 2000, London.

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Vulnerability 2030: Scenarios on Vulnerability in the United States

The Great Recession of 2008–2010 has expanded the ranks and deepened the suffering of
vulnerable populations. Prior to this recession there were mixed signals—some populations
were doing better, while others remained marginal in their income and in their access
to employment, food, effective education and health care. So much change in just a
few years is a reminder that there is no single, certain future to plan for. There are many
plausible alternative futures, and planning for just one set of assumed future circumstances

Subject and Keywords: