Planning for the growth of the Older Adult Population in Howard County

These scenarios are based on the research conducted

- scans of national and local trends in aging across a wide range of
- an inventory of current Howard County programs and services,
- original research into the possibilities that technology and societal
changes might bring.

Each scenario includes a short vignette describing life in 2035, a list of key
highlights, and a narrative describing what happened between 2015 and
2035. Discussion of the scenarios among Advisory Committee members and
others led to definition of the “preferred future” used as a basis for planning
recommendations in the main body of this report.

Subject and Keywords:

WEF - Sustainable health systems - Visions, strategies, critical uncertainties and scenarios

Three scenarios were developed: Health Incorporated, New Social Contract and Super-empowered Individuals. The scenarios provided a key insight – efficiency gains are necessary to move health systems towards greater sustainability, but are insufficient alone.

Subject and Keywords:

Development of Scenarios for Health Expenditure in the New EU Member States: Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

The report is a result of the Ageing, Health Status and Determinants of Health
Expenditure (AHEAD) project within the EC 6th Framework programme. The objective of
the research was to present the model of future health care system revenues and

Subject and Keywords: