Public Debt 2020: A sustainability analysis for DM and EM economies

Our paper is structured as follows. In Chapter two, we shed some
light on the speed and magnitude of the recent deterioration in
public finances in DMs and EMs. In Chapter three, we gauge
possible future public debt dynamics (from 2010 to 2020) in a
baseline scenario as well as in four adverse shock scenarios. In the
first three shock scenarios, we consider adverse single-variable
shocks in the real GDP growth rate, the real interest rate, and the
primary balance, i.e. the fiscal balance before net debt interest

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2013 Workforce Development Strategy

2013 Future focus
The Future focus, 2013 National Workforce Development Strategy is the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency’s second National Workforce Development Strategy. The 2013 strategy details how Australia can position itself for growth in the Asian century, in a competitive global environment, where technology and patterns of work are rapidly changing.

Subject and Keywords: