The Global Risks Report 2016

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016, developed in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group and other leading institutions, features scenarios to help companies and organizations examine the trends and driving forces behind future global developments.

The scenarios are based on three possible dystopian futures called: Walled Cities, Strong Regions, and War and Peace.

Subject and Keywords:

SwissRe - Building a sustainable energy future - Risks and opportunities

With an expanding population and world
economy powered by oil, coal and gas,
fossil fuels have become a large part
of our daily lives. But this has come at
a price: greenhouse gas emissions,
which adversely affect our climate.

Subject and Keywords:

Food security, farming, and climate change to 2050: Scenarios, results, policy options

An uncertain future means a range of plausible outcomes. Unlike previous research, including our own (for example, Nelson et al. 2009), which relied
on a single baseline scenario of GDP and population, this research uses three

Subject and Keywords: