UK National Grid: Future Energy Scenarios

The 2015 Future Energy Scenarios (FES) explore how the complex energy landscape is changing and analyse how the future might play out.

Great Britain’s energy landscape continues to change at an unprecedented rate. Diversity of supply has increased and globalisation has accelerated, from the international shipping of new sources of gas supplies to the cross border transfer of electricity in Europe.

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The World Gas Market in 2030: Development Scenarios Using the World Gas Model

In this paper, we discuss potential developments of the world natural gas industry at the
horizon of 2030. We use the World Gas Model (WGM), a dynamic, strategic representation of
world natural gas production, trade, and consumption between 2005 and 2030. We specify a

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Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 - Pathways to a Clean Energy System

Technologies can and must play an integral role in transforming the energy
system. The 2012 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP 2012) shows clearly
that a technological transformation of the energy system is still possible, despite current

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