The future of work to 2020

Businesses currently grapple with the realities of
skills shortages, managing people through change
and creating an effective workforce. By 2020, the
radical change in business models will mean
companies facing issues such as:
• the boundary between work and home life
disappearing as companies assume greater
responsibility for the social welfare of their

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WEF - The future role of civil society

The Future Role of Civil Society project was launched in June
2012 with the desire to explore the rapidly evolving space in which
civil society actors operate. The project focuses on two central
−− What might the contextual environment for civil society look like
in 2030?
−− How might models of engagement for civil society, business,
government and international organizations evolve in these new
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), labour leaders, faithbased

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Global Innovation Outlook 2004

FIRST, extend the integration of our business insight and tech-nology expertise beyond our company’s borders to include the best thinkers from academia, our clients and partners, and other leaders in areas critical to innovation.
SECOND, follow a different path to discovery: begin with several areas critical to society over the next five to ten years, then consider implications for businesses and other integral components of society, finally considering what technologies or solutions might need to be developed.

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Managing tomorrow’s people

We identified a number of global forces that will
have significant influenceA2, and of those we felt
that individualism versus collectivism and corporate
integration versus fragmentation would be the most
significant. From this axis we identified three worlds
and business models for the future.
(See figure 1 opposite.)
We tried to capture the events and trends which
draw a picture of life in tomorrow’s world and the
people management challenges that might prevail.
The forecasting timelines and world descriptions

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Multipolarity: The New Global Economy - Global Development Horizons 2011

Sweeping changes are afoot
in the global economy. As the second
decade of the 21st century unfolds and
the world exits from the 2008–09 financial crisis,
the growing clout of emerging markets is paving
the way for a world economy with an increasingly
multipolar character. The distribution of global
growth will become more diffuse, with no single
country dominating the global economic scene.
The seeds of this change were planted some
time ago. Over the past two decades, the world

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