The world economy in 2020

In recent years, an increasing number of non-OECD countries have become sizable exporters of manufactures, in which there is now a flourishing two-way trade with OECD countries; it accounts for a large portion of the growth in commerce. The same trend is observed in capital flows, with an ever-larger share of OECD private foreign investment destined for non-member countries.

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Thinking about the Arctic's Future: Scenarios for 2040

The warming of the Arctic could
mean more circumpolar
transportation and access for
the rest of the world—but also
an increased likelihood of
overexploited natural
resources and surges of
environmental refugees.
The Arctic is undergoing an
extraordinary transformation early
in the twenty-first century—a transformation that will have global impacts. Temperatures in the Arctic are
rising at unprecedented rates and
are likely to continue increasing
throughout the century.
Significant environmental changes

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Trends and drivers of change in the European commerce sector: Four scenarios

This report describes four different scenarios for the future development and state of the European commerce sector. A
scenario describes a plausible hypothesis about the future: it is a tool used in foresight exercises for policy analyses and
policy formulation, and for strategy processes in private companies and among social partners......The four alternative scenarios presented here represent realistic, internally consistent and plausible pictures of alternative
Scenario 1: The consumer in your hands
Scenario 2: Peer-to-peer consumer sales

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''Global trade liberalisation: opportunities for Australian farmers'''

ABARE, Australian Commodities, vol. 14 no. 1 March Quarter 2007. Global merchandise trade liberalisation would be expected to generate substantial benefits for the international community, including Australia. Two illustrative merchandise trade reform scenarios, analysed here, provide broad insights into the probable changes in agricultural trade.

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